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Super V kart Main imageHello and welcome to SuperVkart !

On this website we will present a whole new genre of karts , namely SuperVkart .

Super V kart is a new super kart / racing class which shall be complementary to the existing super karts available today.
The aim is to create a single class so that they can compete against each other at regular terms as possible

Read and update you on what’s happening in the Swedish karting at the Swedish Superkart Association’s website .


Swedish Superkart Championship

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SM superkart run in 2008 for the first time with the official SM status. Since 2015 there have been new transportation devices such as the hoverboard which is not the same as the back to the future type of hoverboards but the self-balancing 2 wheeled scooters.
They are now being used to race on smooth tracks and many new variations are being made. In fact, a lot of electric scooters and skateboards and bikes are being produced for future transportation and racing.